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Carino Nevis Int'l Triathlon 2006

As the ferry from St. Kitts approached Nevis, I could see all the race preparation going on. How exciting! The finish chute, the transition area, and the swim bouys were all visible. The Carino Nevis Triathlon included an Olympic distance event, sprint tri, and a Try-A-Try distance. I was doing the Olympic distance, which was a 1500m swim, 40K bike, and 10K run.
The swim was in Charlestown harbor, on a sandy beach next to the ferry dock. It was a two-loop swim of a triangular pattern. The start was a mass start on the beach. The water was clear and warm but had a bit of chop when swimming parallel to the shore. I exited the swim as the second woman and feeling good about my swim. The run to transition was about a ΒΌ mile through the port area. I made quick work of T1 and was on my way.
The bike was a two-loop out-and-back with the far turn around at the airport. The head wind going towards the airport was fairly strong, but it offered a nice tailwind on the way back. There were numerous aid stations on the bike course, which was very helpful considering the mid-day heat. Janine quickly passed me in the first few miles of the bike, we exchanged some encouraging words, and she was on her way. I got to see the leading woman at each the turn around; she looked strong and uncatchable.
I arrived in T2, quickly racked my bike, put on my sneaks and was on my way. I knew Janine was a few minutes ahead of me, and I wondered if I could catch her. The run was a two-loop out-and-back to the four seasons. Once again, the head wind gave the run a challenge and it was hot. Luckily aid stations with water, gatoraid, and a very wonderful volunteer who was spraying down athletes were abundant on the course. I started out on the run with good intentions, but they faded fast. Everyone has a bad race, and this was mine. I became less worried about catching Janine and more worried about the women behind me. I kept pushing onward and finished as third overall woman
All in all, this was a great race. Nice course, well organized event and great goodie-bags. My favorite part of the race was the finish line. There was a finish chute, a tape to break, spectators lining both sides of the finish chute, and Winston was announcing racers names. For anyone who has been through an Ironman finish, it had the same look and feel. Thanks to all the volunteers, police officials, and sponsors. Hope to see you all at the race in 2007!

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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