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News 2006

Shannon in the wars

Saturday was the individual time trial and it was a really windy course, I got 4th place, I found it hard to race the clock only. But the girls who beat me are all ranked high in the nation. Then our team trial we actually got 3rd place which is the best Auburn has done in a long time (I did pull for the whole second half of the race without a break, but it was worth it!) then sunday the CRIT race which is around a city block, lots of curves. I was doing well, in the top pack even with all the brake aways and sprints. I got second place in one of the sprint primes (they ring a bell lap and that lap counts to extra points). Then as we neared the last straight away i felt
good ready to sprint the finish so I stood up to go all out and the next thing I remember is that I was lying in the hospital signing a consent to do a CT of my head with a large neck brace on. What my coach, team, boyfriend and others said was that the girl next to me had a mechanical failure with her cleat as she stood up, and her bike crashed into my rear wheel taking me out and crashing me to the ground hitting my shoulder, head and face. They say i was in second place at the time and it looked strong like i was going for the win but we will never know. instead i ended up with a fracture clavicle (collar bone) a concussion, and lots of lacerations on my face, knees and sides. The girl who took me out felt really bad and was crying, and her coach went to my coach and apologized for taking his best girl out of the points. So right now I am just trying to rest take lots of vitamins and recover fast as the race season here is not long enough to take much time off. Greetings to all,
(This report was sent in by Shannon who is studying and training up in the US riding with the university cycle team, we wish her a speedy recovery)

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