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News 2006

Gorrick MTB Race

I have now hit the big 40 years so it was into the veterans for me this being the first serous race of the year for me so I wanted to do well, I have been doing some hard training over the last few months and was more than ready to let a little steam out. The course was fantastic, it was cold but dry and I had my support team with me, Carol my wife and baby Cassea, I prerode the course, it was a 4.5 mile lap course with the vets doing 3 laps. There were about 50 riders in vets, I got a good start and was in the top 5 riders but as we came around the first corner my back wheel slid out from under me which caused a mass pile up, some things never change eh Winston? I always liked to crash anyway I was back on the bike with no real problems but I had lost a few places and was stting in around the top 20 but I was soon up to speed and moving up. By lap two I was in the top ten and I was hopefull of a top five spot but that was going to be hard, I managed to stay with two riders and I knew I was going to a have hard time to beat them, with about 2 miles to go the 3 of us were still together so I decided to go for it on the last climb, it was around a 100 metres of hard up hill so of I went burn baby burn my legs killing me my lungs were on fire I could hear the two riders behind me changing their gears, but to late Steele was gone. It was one of the hardest sprints that I have done, I could not speak for about two minutes after I had finished and the lactic acid in my legs was awful, but I finished sixth which I was happy enough with. My wife told me that some rider caused a big pile up at the start, I wonder who that was?

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St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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