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News 2006

Diamonds International MTB Tour

On January 28 I Ras Genasis, or you can just call me Reggie went over to St. Martin for a 54km bike race around the island. The race was on the Sunday morning, start time was at 6:30 AM and the weather was real good.
I want to give thanks to Jesse Vosa, the event organiser, for leting me know who to watch out for, the race had 45 competitors it was wonderfull sight to see every body pumped up for what was ahead
It was a hard course, with a lot of hill rides across beaches and along cliffs that you had to navigate with your bike on your shoulders.
It was just a lof of fun, this was my second time riding this event, the first time I cam fourth, and this time I cam fourth again.
My time was 3:02, Mark Maidwell, who won last year, who finished in 2:58, followed by Gary Howkins 2:58.01, after a sprint for the line, and veteran Dick Luttuckes third in 2:59.
It was wonderfull to race with these guys and the ladies, man they are tough! Keep it up girls. Congrats to Jesse and his team for putting on such great race once again.
I will definitely be back next year, looking for a first place. One love Reggie.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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