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News 2006

Nevis Mini Tri Series - Race 3

As usual, another great race from the Wheel World crew over on Nevis and Oualie Beach. The race was originally scheduled for January 7th, but was moved to the 14th. This was fine with me; after spending the holidays in the US, I arrived back on St. Kitts on January 6th, but my luggage, including my bike, did not arrive until the afternoon of the 7th.
The competitor turnout was a bit smaller for this race than usual, but it was still fun to chat with everyone and have some competition out on the course. Some of the regulars like Winston, Reggie, Miranda, Royston, and Paula did not race. I hope to see them at the next race on the 28th.
The 450m swim was a triangle shaped course. The water was beautifully clear, but a bit choppy due to windy conditions. I worked my way to the front and was leading a small pack of swimmers when I made the first turn. I looked for the next buoy and couldn’t find it. Oh no! After some head-up swimming and a bit of breast stoke, I located the buoy far off to the right. I guess I learned my lesson, practice the whole swim course first. T1 was uneventful and I was off on the bike.
The bike course was an out-and-back that went towards town for a total of 15K. As usual, there was a head wind on the way back. I was passed by James during the bike, who later said I looked like I was taking it easy. Well, I must admit, I was. I was all alone out there for most of the bike, and with no one to catch and no one chasing me, I slacked off a bit. As usual, a quick T2 and off to the run.
The 4K run was an out-and-back towards the airport, including a beginning and end that included hurricane hill. Ouch. I started the run a bit slowly due to an over-consumption of Gatoraid on the bike which made my stomach a bit unhappy. Once I hit the turn around I felt better and was able to push it harder on the way back, saying hello to all my fellow racers. After seeing the other women during the run, I knew I was first place overall female.
The post race festivities included some yummy snacks, beverages, and great awards. Awards included T-shirts, Carib glasses, and medals. Thanks for another great race and hope to see everyone on the 28th.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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