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Team St. Kitts Nevis Returns From The 2010 Cycling World Championships - By Greg Phillip

Charlestown, October 11, 2010– For the third consecutive year St. Kitts Nevis has presented itself among the worlds best cycling nations with its participation in the Cycling World Championships.  Reggie Douglas, James Weekes and Kathryn Bertine represented the nation. 

This year the competition was held in Geelong Australia, and St. Kitts Nevis was once again the only Caribbean nation represented. 

“The ultimate goals of our participation are to garner international exposure for our country, and to progress St. Kitts Nevis’ cycling to more progressive heights.  Considering this, without a doubt the trip was successful and the mission was accomplished.” said Greg Phillip, President of the St. Kitts Nevis Cycling Federation.  

Tens of thousands of spectators lined the streets in Australia to witness the race, and an estimated two hundred million television viewers were exposed to St. Kitts Nevis as its cyclists raced against the worlds most accomplished and famous cyclists.  Despite the lack of fame and a low threat to win, Reggie, James and Kathryn received more attention, cheers and support from the crowd, commentators and press than any other participant save the Australians.

Australia is a long way from the West Indies (in both miles and climate!), and trans-oceanic trips translate into a tremendous expense; one that our small St. Kitts Nevis cycling federation could not manage on its own.  Sponsorship and financial assistance came from the business community who recognize the value of the team’s valiant efforts as a marketing opportunity.  FLY Sport Drink, The Four Seasons Resort Nevis, The Nevis Investment Promotion Agency, Hermitage Plantation Inn, The Oualie Beach Resort, The St. Kitts Marriott and Island Hopper all assisted.

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