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News 2005

The london Triathlon 2005

I had decided to do the london triathlon back in November 04, and it seem like a good idea at the time. I not done any swimming since I left school and that was just for a wash on friday, but I would have 10 months to get in shape for it, it cannot be that hard, well my first swim was interesting ( no it was not for a wash on Friday) I didn,t know you had to breath out under water, first lesson learnt but lucky for me I had 9 months to sort it out. My wife Carol booked me lessons at the local pool after she watched me do a few lengths she said I would need them. 8 months to go plenty of time, I was doing a little running and it was going along nicely. I was doing the beastway MTB race series during the summer so that would take care of the bike section, getting my speed up in this swimming was proveing a little hard, still I had 7 months to go, then 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months!!! I was starting to s**t myself, this swimming business was not getting any easer, 1500 metres in open water! I couldn't do 50metres in local pool never mind open water. I prayed for a miracle and my prayers were answered in the shape of a ORCA SWIM SUIT which I had to hire for the swim, their is a God hallehlula it covers your body like a second skin from the neck down to your ankles I looked like a crash test dummy, I tried it out at the local pool got a few strange looks but it was going to save the day.
The big day had arrived, up at 4am nice big breakfast hope I can still get into my swim suit, packed up the car and off we went I had my support team with me in Carol my wife 10 month baby Cassea and and afriend of the family John. My race start was at 710am I had arrived at 6am so their was plenty of time to panic. Their would be about 300 in my group, their was about 8 thousand competitors in all, a lot of very nervous looking people and I was one of them and just to make it more tense their was a delay on our start time of 20 minutes we all were on bunch up ready to go down to water side a lot of crash test dummies it was about 50metre swim to the start. Once I was in the water I felt a lot more relaxed and the horn went and we were off, I got into my stride very easy I new I was not going to get a fast time on the swim just go steady and get round. My direction was not the greastest at one stage I was starting to swim arcross I was thinking I was passing other swimers but I was just swimming across them I finally made the turn and I was on the way back know it felt good still going steady. I wanted to get on my bike I get a few places back finally made it back to the dock had a little fight with myself getting my wet suit off as I ran to my bike I heard 'come on Steeler' bless my support team, anyway it was onto the bike I was feeling good and started to push I just seem to pass everybody a few riders tried to stay with me but as soon as they passed me I pushed harder and dropped them. I felt great nobody was passing me and I just got stronger the 40k bike ride ended to soon for me I could have done another 40k, anyway time to rack the bike and onto the run I had bought my runners at the tri show in a moment of weakness they seemed to look good at the time, very bright green, I felt like Kermit the frog I hoped I did not run like him, I soon find out as I came around the corner the DJ was playing Macho Macho man I want to be a Macho man! I felt like I was at a gay pride march, it brought a big smile to my face and someone had put up posters on pillars with rubbish jokes written on them but they made me laugh, what do you call a pig who does kung fu? 'a pork chop' whats a trees favourite drink? 'root beer' they made me laugh at the time. About 12 poeple passed me on the run which was not great, I did the 10k run in just under 42mins which was a good time for me, I had a great day. it was well organised, I will be doing it next year and I will be aim to knock 10mins of my time. My time overall was 2hrs 29mins 9seconds, position, 111th out of 548, not bad for my first triathlon, a big thanks has to go to my support team Carol my wife, baby Cassea two great girls and good friend John thank you.

St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation
St.Kitts & Nevis Triathlon Federation


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